Ennio Marchetto: I dreamt of Marilyn Monroe

In this video, Ennio tells us about how it all began: when he dreamt of Marilyn Monroe one night.

Ennio as Susan Boyle and MJ

21 years and 250+ costumes later, he brings us new characters and old favourites in his special Christmas 2009 show here in the cozy Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

A perfect Christmas treat!

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Ever wondered what Ennio Marchetto looks like in real life?

Ever wondered what Ennio Marchetto looks like in real life? Wonder no more!


Book now to see the award-winning international sensation – he’s bound to make you laugh! He’s performing from 11 – 22 December at Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

More Ennio please….

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Get to know… Ennio Marchetto

Ennio Marchetto

Ennio Marchetto as Lady Gaga

Ennio Marchetto is the original quick change artist, revolutionising the art of origami into theatrical magic. Rooted in a deep history of commedia dell arte, Ennio is a born and bred Venetian. Before bursting on to the scene in the 1980s, Ennio used to make extravagant costumes for the Venice Carnivale and was a master mask maker. Since the creation of his spectacular theatre show, Ennio has won multiple awards and nominations including The Golden Lion, Drama Desk and The Olivier as well as appearing on The Royal Variety Show and touring 60 countries worldwide.

Ennio is performing at Southbank Centre from 11 December with a special Christmas show. As well as bringing old favourites like Santa Claus and Mona Lisa, he introduces new characters to the stage, morphing from Susan Boyle to Lady Gaga and from Take That to Michael Jackson – no celebrity is safe!

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What do you fear the most?
I’m scared of stalkers.. I’ve had a few.. in Japan and in Germany.

Which mobile number do you call the most?
My mum’s

What – or where – is perfection?
Perfection does not exist, but I do my best on stage…

Who is your favourite hero from fiction – and why?
Wonder Woman, I love her character.. she’s in the show too!

What’s your favourite ritual?
Doing my make-up before the show is like a ritual to me, but going through my garden every time I come home after a tour is my favourite ritual.

Which living person do you most admire – and why?
Piet Oudolf, a dutch garden designer who invented the new perennial movement.

What other talent or skill would you like to possess?

What’s your favourite website?
YouTube, I love to watch old recordings of singers and it is a great help for me when I’m working on new characters for the show.

If you could programme your ideal Southbank Centre show, which artists (living or dead) would you bring together?
Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
I need some more time to find out! You’re never too old to learn, I suppose.

What is the most played piece of music on your MP3 player or in your CD collection?
The best of Eartha Kitt.

Tell us about a special memory you have of Southbank Centre.
The first London International Mime Festival, about 18 years ago. My first time in front of a large London audience… and the show CD stopped while performing Edith Piaf. The audience thought it was part of the show, but I was just standing there, like little Piaf for a few minutes. It became more and more hilarious… both for the audience and for me.