Magical family puppet adventure Cloud Man comes to Southbank Centre this Christmas!

Cloud Man, Spirit Level at Royal Festival Hall
Saturday 22 December – Sunday 6 January
Get tickets here

We caught up with the only Cloud Man expert, Cloudia Engle (Resident Scientist and respected meteorologist at ‘The Hut’, Cloud Mountain) to find out a bit more about Cloud Men…

What is it like to live on Cloud Mountain?

It is fascinating to see and be so close to all the different types of clouds but it can get quite draughty.

What happens when it gets particularly windy – is this dangerous for Cloud Men?

I have evidence to believe that when Cloud Men are in small groups (which is very rare), they participate in thrilling cloud races across the sky.

What do you think is a Cloud Man’s favourite type of weather?

I have spotted Cloud Men looking particularly happy when the sun is shining and it is raining at the same time.

You have said that Cloud Men make sculptures and shapes from the clouds. What kind shapes do they make?

I have seen all kinds of things in the clouds. I recommend looking for cloud sculptures on a bright clear day when there are blue skies and big fluffy clouds (nimbus or cumulonimbus clouds to be precise).

We’re celebrating winter at Southbank Centre this year. What’s your favourite thing about winter?

Cold weather and snow clouds are particularly exciting, as this seems to increase the chances of seeing a Cloud Man…

So don’t miss your chance to see a Cloud Man this winter at Southbank Centre from Saturday 22 December – Sunday 6 January. Get your tickets here:

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