Photos: London International Mime Festival 2013

Circle of Eleven, photo: Andy Phillipson

Wolfe Bowart in Letter's End, photo: David Wyatt

Compagnie 111/ Aurélien Bory , photo: Aglae Bory

My!Laika, photo: Mona


Circle of Eleven, photo: Heiko Kalmbach


Wolfe Bowart in Letter's End, photo: David Wyatt


Compagnie 111/ Aurélien Bory, photo: Aglae Bory


Wolfe Bowart in Letter's End, photo: David Wyatt


Circle of Eleven, photo: Heiko Kalmbach


Southbank Centre is proud to be a venue for the 2013 London International Mime Festival, 12 – 27 January. Get tickets here.

Bye Bye Mime Festival (wave hand)

So the London International Mime Festival is finished for another year. How was the 2010 edition for you?

For us, it’s been a great year, with lots of sold-out shows and a brilliant audience. What did you enjoy most? Collectif Petit Travers’s beautiful juggling? Mimbre serving tea to the audience? Circus Klezmer taking audience participation to another level? Or the two guys from Compagnie Ieto balancing on top of 2 planks of wood, 4 meters up in the air?

We’ll cherish plenty of moments from this year’s festival. Let us know yours!

Etgar Theatre – Eshet (wife of)

The London International Mime Festival starts in London this week, with the first show at Southbank Centre, Etgar Theatre’s Eshet, opening this Saturday.

Eshet tells the Book of Genesis story of Yehuda and his three sons, and Tamar, the woman who links them together and who is forced by convention to marry one of her dead husband’s brother to ‘raise up [his] seed’. But Yehuda’s second son, Onan, refuses to marry her: he ‘spills his seed to the ground’ and so is killed by God. The youngest son is still a child, so Tamar, yearning for a child, must remain a widow until he comes of age.

Five life-size puppets, brought to life by two human doubles, play out this painful story, presented with restrain and sensitivity by Israel’s Etgar Theatre.

Eshet - credit Dan Chen



Okidok – Slips Inside video

We have found this video of Okidok performing extracts of their show Slips Inside on Belgian television. Hilarious guys! (Anyone can translate what the presenters are saying at the beginning? Please leave translations in the comments)

Slips Inside will be performed at Southbank Centre on Wednesday 20, Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 January. Come and laugh with us!

Circus Klezmer

Coming to Southbank Centre on 23 and 24 January.

Collectif Petit Travers video

Collectif Petit Travers present their new show, Pan-Pot, as part of the London International Mime Festival, on 21 and 22 January at Southbank Centre. Don’t miss this amazing juggling concert! Here is a preview. Get tickets for Collectif Petit Travers today.

London International Mime Festival is back!

We are thrilled to welcome back the London International Mime Festival to Southbank Centre. The festival has been a fixture of the London theatre and performance scene for over 30 years, and has been coming to Southbank Centre with great success for just over 20. Once again, the festival is bringing together the best in international visual theatre, with innovative and exciting shows across London.

Collectif Petit Travers

Southbank Centre is lucky to see the return of some firm favourites. The French company Collectif Petit Travers (from Toulouse) is back for the third year running, this time with a unique juggling-concert, Pan-Pot. Three jugglers use white balls to create cascades of fizzing light to a live soundtrack of piano music by Beethoven and Mozart, amongst others. After their 2009 show, The Daily Telegraph said ‘they can do things with balls that make your jaw drop and cinema’s CGI effects look plain and uninspired’ – expect to feel the same after Pan-Pot.


Circus Klezmer

Also back is Circus Klezmer. In a small village somewhere in Eastern Europe, a wedding turns into a riot as everything goes wrong. With juggling, acrobatics, clowning and a live klezmer band, this is ‘gloriously fun to watch’ (Music OHM). The show sold out last year in the Purcell Room, so make sure you book early to enjoy an even bigger wedding party in the Queen Elizabeth Hall.


And we have new shows from Okidok (who appeared in 2003), the fantastic Compagnie Ieto, plus puppetry from Israel’s Etgar Theatre, and successful UK artists Mimbre, whose fusion of dance, acrobatics and theatre has seen them perform around the world.

Check back soon for pictures and videos of performances part of the London International Mime Festival.