What are celebrities saying about Into the Hoods?

James Corden:
Into the Hoods is the coolest, most vibrant and refreshing show I’ve seen in a West End theatre.’

Steve Pemberton:
‘A feel good show with amazing dancing, the best soundtrack you’ll hear in a theatre, and your kids will think you’re so cool for taking them…the most fun I’ve had at a dance show ever.’

Russell Brand:
‘At last a musical not for squares…’

Steve Coogan:
‘Utterly charming. Life affirming stuff. Take your kids and be a cool Dad for a couple of hours.’

Arlene Philips:
‘It’s new, exciting and different, it’s all dance and it must be seen!’

Kelly Rowland:

Cameron Mackintosh:
‘The most exuberant, imaginative and original dance musical since Cats. I can’t wait to see it again.’

Tickets are going fast… buy yours now!

On another note, have you played the Into the Hoods game yet? Over 82,000 people have now played it! And only 148 people have managed to escape the wolf, collect all the items and complete level 4. (And we’re proud to finally be able to  say that 1 of the 148 is a Southbank Centre marketing team member – hurrah!)

Andrew and Hanna from Strictly Come Dancing

BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing Latin American experts Andrew and Hanna join us this Sunday at The West Side Story Experience: Part 2!

In 2006, Andrew and Hannah were ranked one of the top 25 professional Latin
American couples in the world. You might remember them performing a cha cha with Michael Bublé on Strictly?

Sunday is your chance to spend the day learning, sharing and watching performances of dance styles inspired by the classic film.

‘I work literally every second (composing, lyric writing, orchestrating and rehearsing the cast). It’s murder, but I’m excited. It may be something extraordinary’ (Leonard Bernstein, writing to his wife about West Side Story).

London International Mime Festival is back!

We are thrilled to welcome back the London International Mime Festival to Southbank Centre. The festival has been a fixture of the London theatre and performance scene for over 30 years, and has been coming to Southbank Centre with great success for just over 20. Once again, the festival is bringing together the best in international visual theatre, with innovative and exciting shows across London.

Collectif Petit Travers

Southbank Centre is lucky to see the return of some firm favourites. The French company Collectif Petit Travers (from Toulouse) is back for the third year running, this time with a unique juggling-concert, Pan-Pot. Three jugglers use white balls to create cascades of fizzing light to a live soundtrack of piano music by Beethoven and Mozart, amongst others. After their 2009 show, The Daily Telegraph said ‘they can do things with balls that make your jaw drop and cinema’s CGI effects look plain and uninspired’ – expect to feel the same after Pan-Pot.


Circus Klezmer

Also back is Circus Klezmer. In a small village somewhere in Eastern Europe, a wedding turns into a riot as everything goes wrong. With juggling, acrobatics, clowning and a live klezmer band, this is ‘gloriously fun to watch’ (Music OHM). The show sold out last year in the Purcell Room, so make sure you book early to enjoy an even bigger wedding party in the Queen Elizabeth Hall.


And we have new shows from Okidok (who appeared in 2003), the fantastic Compagnie Ieto, plus puppetry from Israel’s Etgar Theatre, and successful UK artists Mimbre, whose fusion of dance, acrobatics and theatre has seen them perform around the world.

Check back soon for pictures and videos of performances part of the London International Mime Festival.


Into the Hoods… what’s your score?

It’s official.. our Into the Hoods game has launched!

Play the game and chintothehoodsgameallenge your mates for a chance to win tickets to Into the Hoods!

So far, only four people have completed the game. Are you one of them? (Members of Southbank Centre’s marketing department have yet to beat it…)


Get to know…the Into the Hoods cast

castWe asked some of our favourite characters from Into the Hoods to answer some questions that reveal a bit about their personal lives. Enjoy and don’t miss ZooNation’s award-winning five-star show that starts from 16 December (find out more/buy tickets here).  Or perhaps, you’d even like to be part of the cast? ZooNation are running auditions from the 15th – 19th of November – click here for more details.

We also have a surprise next week – so check this blog again then!

KP = Kate Prince (Director/Choreographer)
RH = Rowen Hawkins (Jaxx, who lives in the basement)
AO = Andry Oporia (Wolf)
DH = Denny Haywood (Ensemble)

Who is your favourite hero from fiction?
CJ Cregg from The West Wing. Some people wear T-shirts that say ‘What would Jesus do?’… I would like one that reads ‘What would CJ do?’
RH: Spider-Man. Always has been, always will be.
AO: Those who have affected the course of history for the better and influenced the world with their character. Too many to name – from politicians to athletes.
DH: Superman, ever since I was a boy.

What is the most played piece of music on your MP3 player?
Beautiful Surprise‘ by India Arie.
Rhymes like ‘Dimes‘ by MF doom. Love it!
AO: Hip-hop or R&B but I shuffle my playlist ’cause I love my funk and electronic/dance, and especially soul (The J.B.’s, James Brown, Romanthony, George Clinton etc).
All sorts!

What other talent or skill would you like to possess?
I wish I could sing. I can’t. At all. I recently sang karaoke with my husband in Tokyo and then watched the video back afterwards and was absolutely horrified. I did my very best Cyndi Lauper ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun‘ and I sounded completely shrill, squeaky and posh. Like a chipmunk on speed.
I would love to own a four foot tail. the things you could do!
AO: I’ve recently taken an interest in poker. For some reason, I am intrigued by how the rules work (still confused though!?). But it’s a skill I’d like to acquire.
I’d like to fly a plane even though I’m a terrible plane passenger.

What – or where – is perfection?
KP: The Japanese gardens in my husband’s favourite park in Dusseldorf – feet in the water,  sun on my face.
RH: Perfection is Christmas dinner.
Coming from a background of perfectionists, I’ve inherited the desire to try to do everything to the best of my ability. Life has taught me my limits.
DH: On a surf board in the ocean waiting for the wave, it’s so good for your soul.

Ever wondered what Ennio Marchetto looks like in real life?

Ever wondered what Ennio Marchetto looks like in real life? Wonder no more!


Book now to see the award-winning international sensation – he’s bound to make you laugh! He’s performing from 11 – 22 December at Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

More Ennio please….

What is Ennio afraid of? >>
Watch his video trailer >>


National Dance Company Wales: the artists formerly known as Diversions

IMG_2482 3 full mask

Veil of Stars. Credit: Roy Campbell- Moore

Read about National Dance Company Wales (formely Diversions) on londondance.com ! And come to Queen Elizabeth Hall on Friday 6 November to watch their performance.

The company performed at the Wales Millenium Centre earlier this week, presenting a triple bill that included Lunatic and Veil of Stars (which they will perform here). What’s On Wales says Veil of Stars is ‘like a Venetian masked ball reimagined by Björk gate-crashing Studio 54’ and Lunatic is a ‘tour de force’, while Welsh blogger Hits are for squares? says the programme is ‘tight, eclectic and above all thrillingly-daring’.

See you on Friday then?