What are Candoco Dance Company up to on tour?

All sorts of things, including packing their tour manager into a bag. Read about it on their tour blog, and check out one of their behind-the-scenes videos. See them live at Southbank Centre on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 February at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Lost and Found Orchestra

Clarissa Dolphin blogged about her experiences at Lost and Found Orchestra, which just finished its run at Royal Festival Hall a couple days ago:

Lost & Found is a load of rubbish, but this junk sounds so sweet. Never have trash bins, saws and giant plastic water jugs sounded so mellifluous. Forget sending unwanted items to charity shops; turn your old knickers into wind instruments.

The geniuses behind this amazing orchestral experience redefine ‘recycling’ entirely. The traditional concept of classical musical composition was recycled, as was every prop utilised by the cast to make sound. Things that are normally discarded in droves like glasses and bin liners were banged on, poked, prodded and stroked to hit notes that would make Mozart screech with delight. Even live vacuum cleaners sounded like the voice of a baritone angel in this show. Absolutely everything that most consumers take for granted was transmogrified into a series of melodious masterpieces.

The cast is full of characters. The diverse ensemble was composed of folks with afros and mohawks, short guys and tall guys, percussionists and string-pluckers. Diversity in sight, sound and performance is never lacking in Lost & Found. Never for one instant is any audience member able to escape the majesty of the glory of this synaesthetic experience. This performance will be compacted into your memory forever.