Slava’s Snowshow in photos! One week to go!

It’s only one week until Slava’s Snowshow returns to Royal Festival Hall by popular demand. Here’s a sneak peek of the snowstorm set to take over Southbank Centre this Christmas!


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Catch Slava’s Snowshow at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall, London,  from 17 December – 7 January 2012. Get tickets here. 

Slava’s Snowshow returns to Royal Festival Hall this Christmas. Watch the trailer here!

Due to popular demand, Slava’s Snowshow returns to Royal Festival Hall this Christmas. Experience a joyous, dream-like world which will touch both your heart and funny bone, culminating in a breathtaking blizzard leaving you knee-deep in snow!

Catch Slava’s Snowshow at Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall from 17 December – 7 January. Get tickets here. 

Star Clown and Mime Artist Julien Cottereau comes to Southbank Centre!

This winter, you can enter a world of pure wonder with this former star clown from Cirque du Soleil, who will have the whole family in stitches.

Julien Cottereau: Imagine Toi, Purcell Room, Thursday 13 – Monday 24 December.
More information/book tickets here.

And now you can hear from the man himself as he lets us in on a few secrets about transforming himself into a monster and more!

How did you discover your talent for mime?
Little by little as a child, when I used to dance at parties. I felt proud when others joined me on the dance floor and would get a bit wilder. I wanted these moments to be inspiring. I still see what I do as ‘funny dancing’.

Can you give us your top miming tip, maybe a sound effect the audience could practise at home?
The best thing to do if you want to mime is to work in front of a silent crowd and mime an invisible object – you must believe that it is real. Then make a story out of it, and that’s all you have to do! It is such an unusual way to tell a story, that everyone will be intrigued and want to know more. To start off, drink from an invisible glass and let your audience know what’s inside, whether you like it, or not, how it affects you… Then share your reactions with us
and let us join in (if we want to, of course!), mocking yourself as you do it… Then you might want to produce the sound effects yourself to make your performance even more irresistible, and even better understood. And the more you do silly things, the funnier you are! The best mime is the silliest clown.

What is your favourite part of the show?
It changes often. Anything that people really enjoy is my favourite part, so maybe the best thing is when I interact with the public the most. These new friends always have something to teach me about how to be innocent and courageous facing the unknown. They are good and humble masters. I would want to be like them on stage forever. They’re my heroes!

The show involves some audience participation and everyone must react differently in each show you do.
How does the ‘not knowing what will happen’ element affect your performance?
As I just said, the audience participation affects the show in the best way. It forces me to stay alert and makes me want to perform the show everywhere with many different playfellows.

Have you ever used your skills at creating sound effects to play a trick on someone?
Yes, often on my four-year-old daughter. When she is naughty (which happens quite regularly), I transform myself into a monster – the same monster that
sometimes appears in my show, actually – then she gets really scared until she remembers all she has to do is cuddle me and I’ll return to my normal self. Then I thank her very much for saving me from being a monster forever.

We’re celebrating winter at Southbank Centre this year.
What’s your favourite thing about winter?
Sometimes the snow and the frost get in the way of our plans, and we have to stop what we’re doing and stay indoors. Suddenly, there is a true solidarity between people and everyone opens up a bit more. Everything stops, it’s silent and we stay at home, feeling lucky not to have to sleep outside. I like winter for that. Nature
holds us in its palm occasionally.


This week we are very excited to welcome the dance and circus show Rouge to the Purcell Room. A collaboration between Cambodian circus school Phare Ponleu Selpak and French dance company Compagnie UBI, Rouge features a cast of exceptional young male performers and a two-piece gamelan band.

Last weekend the show had its premiere at the Milton Keynes International Festival. The Stage describes the show as “thought-provoking and challenging viewing” and praises the performers for their “excellent circus skills”.

Click here to read The Stage’s full review

Rouge runs from Wednesday 25 – Friday 27 July in the Purcell Room at Southbank Centre, and tickets for these performances are still available. Click here to book


Donka – the reviews are in!

‘Daniele Finzi Pasca’s name alone means you’re in for something special. After all, his previous shows include the gorgeous sky trilogy of Nomade, Rain and Nebbia for Cirque Eloize, and Corteo for Cirque du Soleil. He has described his ability to come up with one masterpiece after another as similar to having children. It just happens.

Now Finzi Pasca’s gaze falls on Chekhov and, after studying his diaries and works, he has created the playful Donka. Apparently Chekhov loved circus – who doesn’t these days? – and magical visual trickery and circus acts of startling brilliance are threaded with elements of his writing and interests. It helps if you know the stories but everyone will recognise the three sisters (here bickering on static trapeze), his work as a doctor and his love of fishing, alongside references to suicide and death.

Evocative music from Maria Bonzanigo, Giovanna Buzzi’s glorious period costumes, Roberto Vitalini’s filmic video projections and Finzi Pasca’s own graphic lighting help conjure a dream world where anything might happen.
Many of the extraordinary international circus artists, dancers and musicians are as supple as contortionists and all of them sing. The silhouette/shadow-play sequences and trompe l’oeil acrobatics are exceptional and you won’t see more beautiful work on Cyr wheel than that of David Menes, whose acro-balance number with Karen Bernal is unique and whose juggling skills also impress. Revealing all the surprises would spoil things but it is worth crawling through fire for the exquisite first act finale.

Strange and surreal, funny and fun, Donka is simply dazzling.’

(Liz Arratoon, The Stage)

‘This is the stuff of delirious dreams, in which strange images bleed into each other… the level of skill is remarkable.’ (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian)

Catch the final few performances of Donka at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall – must end 8 June. More info and book tickets here. 

Donka in photos!

Donka, photo: Viviana CangialosiDonka, photo: Viviana CangialosiDonka, photo: Viviana CangialosiDonka, photo: Viviana CangialosiDonka, photo: Viviana CangialosiDonka, photo: Viviana CangialosiDonka, photo: Viviana CangialosiDonka, photo: Viviana Cangialosi

Catch Donka at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall from 2 – 8 June 2012. More info and get tickets here.

Press night photos of Cantina! The reviews are in!

‘Cantina is clearly the hottest ticket in town.’ ★★★★ (London Evening Standard

 ‘Cantina is the most divinely decadent and disconcerting entertainment in town.’ ★★★★ (Daily Telegraph)

 ‘Superb… Carnival with a dash of David Lynch.’ ★★★★ (Time Out)

 ‘It’s a night of jaw-dropping highlights… you couldn’t tear your eyes away.’ ★★★★ (Metro

‘Atmospherically perfect. Takes you by the throat and doesn’t let go.’ (The Stage

 ‘If Tim Burton had created a circus, it might look a bit like this.’ (Official London Theatre)


Priceless London WondergroundPriceless London WondergroundPriceless London WondergroundPriceless London WondergroundPriceless London WondergroundPriceless London Wonderground

Priceless London WondergroundPriceless London Wonderground

Catch Cantina at Priceless London Wonderground at Southbank Centre until 30 September. Get tickets here.