b.supreme Europe: B-boy Storm, battles and breaking

On 25 April, we have an evening of hip-hop dance featuring an exciting European collaboration between b.supreme, Battle Of The Year, Spin Off and Lezarts Urbains. With hip-hop performances from men and women featuring choreography from legendary Bboy Storm and an awe-inspiring dance battle featuring BOTY’s Solo Breakin’ Champion.

Check out this video for a sneak peak of b.supreme’s work.



Come on down to b.supreme Europe with Storm at Southbank Centre on 25 April 2011. Get tickets here

The Things We’d Do For A Blue Peter Badge

The success of Southbank Centre’s dance festivities have gone above and beyond our expectations. All girl dance troops from around the world and child prodigy Akai have graced Blue Peter with their astounding dance moves.

Insights into the history of break dance, hip hop attire, the position of women in break dancing and lessons on how to move with style were explored. 

Three days before the B.Supreme Festival, Blue Peter Presenter Helen, shadowed both acts to see how they prepared for the big event.  With their sharp poppin’, lockin’ spinnin’ and rockin’ coupled with elegance and flare Decadancetheatre from New York, proved the existence of girl power in the hip hop world.  After being roped into participating in a dance off, Helen called on Akai for a crash course and support on the night.

It was impressive to watch the 10 year old effortlessly bust his moves as well as choreograph. It was even more impressive discovering that Akai had received no training (other than what he’d copied from watching videos and websites)! It makes us wonder, if he’s this impressive now, what will he be like come July when he dances in our ‘Into the Hoods’ performance?

It’s fair to say that Helens Top rockin’, Floor work and power moves did not compare to the greats, but after mastering her signature move for the battle (which she forgot to do in the end) and a shopping spree with B-girl group Decadance she looked the part on the night and her first attempt at battling was really impressive!
Unfortunately, Southbank didn’t earn the Blue Peter badge (although we think we should have!). However, we came away feeling delighted that B.Supreme was such an inspiration and that once again, we were on telly!

b.supreme interview

We chat to Holly McCartney, director of b.supreme festival, to find out where the festival comes from and what to see this year, when it comes to Southbank Centre over the Easter weekend.

What is b.supreme about?

b.supreme is the first and only festival in the UK purely dedicated to platforming the work of women in hip-hop.  The three-day festival encompasses professional and youth dance performances, DJs, MCs, Beatboxers, Film artists, Graffiti artists and dance battles from some of the leading female hip-hop dancers from all over the world.

How did b.supreme come about?

Judi McCartney (Independance) and I came up with the idea of a female hip-hop festival back in 2005 when we were working predominantly with male hip hop artists and becoming increasingly frustrated with the machoism involved. We thought we’d do a bit of research into women in hip-hop as at the time and there just wasn’t much of a female hip-hop scene, especially in the UK,  there wasn’t any kind of platform just for women. We approached Southbank Centre with our idea and then following a year of research and a whole lot of persuading and begging mixed dance groups to give up their women for one dance set, we managed to pull together a festival that featured just women.

I don’t think we realised the potential for b.supreme at the time  because it had been so difficult finding enough women in hip-hop to make up an entire festival. It was a bit of an experiment. We’ve been completely overwhelmed by the interest and support from women all over the world and since 2006, the female scene (and hip-hop dance scene in general) has grown massively so we’ve had loads of fun developing the festival to encompass every hip-hop discipline.

If I only have time to see to come to two events during b.supreme 2010, what should they be?

Definitely go to International Supreme on Saturday 3 April in the Purcell Room as this is always a great opportunity to experience hip hop dance from different parts of the world where the styles have been developed differently. I’m especially looking forward to the Waackers’ performance from LA. I would also recommend the breakin’ battles on The Clore Ballroom floor on Easter Sunday: there are lots of them, they’re always great fun to watch.

b.supreme is coming

b.supreme, the UK’s festival for women in hip-hop is back at Southbank Centre this Easter weekend (Friday 2 – Sunday 4 April) with dance performances, workshops, battles and more.

If you’ve never experienced b.supreme before, here are a compilation video we found on youtube, to get you in the mood. Join us for two performances by the best UK and international hip-hop dance girl groups in the Purcell Room plus masses of free events on the Clore Ballroom floor at Southbank Centre.