Big World Dance big success!

Big World Dance at Trafalgar Square

Big World Dancers take over Trafalgar Square

Congratulations to the thousands of you that made it to Big World Dance on 10 July and transformed Trafalgar Square – here are some pics amd video of the momentous occasion for your viewing pleasure!

Big World Dance 2010 Routines

Southbank Centre marks the finale of Big Dance 2010 with a unique performance choreographed by Luca Silvestrini, Artistic Director of Protein Dance. On 10th July 2010 thousands of people will transform central London into a giant open air stage for an unmissibale, show stopping dance on a gigantic scale, with the start line at Southbank Centre and the finishing line at Trafalgar Square.

Silvistrini has taken inspiration from the best dance moves posted on the Dance Atlas website and has created five new and unique routines that are being taught to thousands of people of all generations and abilities across London at Big Dance hubs during the Big Dance Countdown from 31st May culminating in the July 10th event.

To supplement these workshops, we have uploaded videos of the different routines to help keep them fresh in your mind for the big day! Each routine is based upon a different continent and uses moves submitted by members of the public to capture the individual spirit of different parts of the world.

Europe – North Hub

Africa – East hub

Asia – South-East hub

Americas – South hub


Australasia – West hub

For a full list of workshop events leading up to the Big World Dance 2010, please visit For further details of these workshops, please contact the relevant hub. If you wish to take part in Big World Dance, please register at

The Things We’d Do For A Blue Peter Badge

The success of Southbank Centre’s dance festivities have gone above and beyond our expectations. All girl dance troops from around the world and child prodigy Akai have graced Blue Peter with their astounding dance moves.

Insights into the history of break dance, hip hop attire, the position of women in break dancing and lessons on how to move with style were explored. 

Three days before the B.Supreme Festival, Blue Peter Presenter Helen, shadowed both acts to see how they prepared for the big event.  With their sharp poppin’, lockin’ spinnin’ and rockin’ coupled with elegance and flare Decadancetheatre from New York, proved the existence of girl power in the hip hop world.  After being roped into participating in a dance off, Helen called on Akai for a crash course and support on the night.

It was impressive to watch the 10 year old effortlessly bust his moves as well as choreograph. It was even more impressive discovering that Akai had received no training (other than what he’d copied from watching videos and websites)! It makes us wonder, if he’s this impressive now, what will he be like come July when he dances in our ‘Into the Hoods’ performance?

It’s fair to say that Helens Top rockin’, Floor work and power moves did not compare to the greats, but after mastering her signature move for the battle (which she forgot to do in the end) and a shopping spree with B-girl group Decadance she looked the part on the night and her first attempt at battling was really impressive!
Unfortunately, Southbank didn’t earn the Blue Peter badge (although we think we should have!). However, we came away feeling delighted that B.Supreme was such an inspiration and that once again, we were on telly!

Dance Like The Greats

WHEN we say ‘outstanding dancers,’ a montage of revolutionary movers rushes through your head. You smile as the floodgates of your imagination open, allowing you to reminisce on every flip, tap and turn they’ve graced us.  But what makes those people so special?

It could be studying the dance moves of others and revolutionising them as their own, much like what Michael Jackson did to create his distinctive moonwalk.

Perhaps it’s the ability to take a dance known by so few and make it a global phenomenon, as we’ve seen by way of MC Hammer’s funk-a-de-lick, vibrant , infectious ‘Can’t Touch This’.

Or maybe it’s precision and eloquence of traditional Bollywood dances complimenting Oscar Winning films and  bringing a style and culture to virtually every demographic, as has been demonstrated by the dance routine for ‘Jai Ho’ of Slumdog Millionaire.

Possibly, it’s the controversy and ‘breaching the boxes of society’ brought about by dancers like Madonna. Maybe it’s the celebration of curves and black beauty reinforced by Beyonce’s ‘Let your hair down and shake your booty’ routines, particularly in her ‘Single Ladies’ video.

Is it the idea of unity and energy bought by dance groups like Diversity and Beaux Belle?  Or perhaps the hopes for the future symbolised by young dancers like Akai?

Whether it’s one or all of these points, it’s good to know that the potential for you to be a pioneer is in reach.

For the chance of your moves being part of a routine choreographed by Artistic Director of Protein Dance, Luca Silvestrini, record and upload your moves to Dance Atlas

Here’s to those who did more than electric slide their way to the top. Hopefully the next one on this list will be you.

Dance Because…

MICHAEL JACKSON, Turbo, Madame Alix, Shakira…

We could go on listing the dance revolutionaries! But we’d rather look the future. We’d like to see more of those stars about to shine.

So  put on those sweat bands and cycling shorts you’ve stored in the back of the wardrobe since 1981, do those stretches, clear the dance floor/office space/ messy bedroom, blast that music and dance to your heart’s content…just make sure the camera’s rolling as you do!

Dance has evolved from being a source of entertainment, to a social contribution and symbol ofexpression.  It’s an ever-changing, record breaking, vibrant, emotional realm of freedom!  Does this sound like an awesome place to be?

Yes!  Of course it does! The world needs a dance update and Southbank Centre’s provides the space for it.

Dance Atlas is a user-generated website allowing you showcase your unique moves.
For those who can move their feet faster than James Brown, break harder than the Jabbawockeez, twirl more than Polina Seminova add the extra tang to Pineapple Studios, now is your chance to prove it.

To be a part of this revolutionary dance community, simply video your move, upload, pinpoint where you are on the map and tell us what makes your move stand out.  Respected choreographer and Artistic Director of Protein Dance, Luca Silvestrini, will choose the finest moves from the map and incorporate them into five new routines which will be performed by 10,000 people at the huge Big World Dance event in London on July 10th.

So you think you can dance? Get ready to make your mark on Southbank Centre’s Dance Atlas

Luca Silvestrini

Luca Silvestrini, Artistic Director of Protein Dance

In April we’ll be launching a brand new user-generated website to create a world map of dance! To make your mark and help us fill it, we want you to create your own signature dance move, video it, upload your vid and pinpoint where you’re from on our world map for everyone else to see.

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