Check out the DanceMob vid now on YouTube

If  you didn’t make it down to the event on Sunday then a you missed a blinder!

If you did make it down you might be able to spot yourself having a boogie amongst the crowds.

If you shot your own video footage of DanceMob on the day don’t forget to upload it to YouTube and tag it ‘dancemob’. The best footage we find will win tickets to Into the Hoods.

DanceMob Flickr pics now live!

Can you spot yourself?

Check out Flickr for more pics or upload your own from the day and tag them ‘dancemob’!

Dancmob 2009

Southbank Centre staff in DanceMob routine shocker


Southbank Centre staff learn DanceMob routine at lunchtime

That’s right, Southbank Centre threw caution to the wind (and flip flops to the side) today to learn the DanceMob routine at lunchtime in Royal Festival Hall!

There were no serious injuries but much practice needed. Can you do better? Learn the dance routine using the vid tutorials then come and show us how it’s done at the main event on Aug 30.

Don’t forget to Tweet, Flickr, YouTube your routines and tag all your posts ‘dancemob’