Etgar Theatre – Eshet (wife of)

The London International Mime Festival starts in London this week, with the first show at Southbank Centre, Etgar Theatre’s Eshet, opening this Saturday.

Eshet tells the Book of Genesis story of Yehuda and his three sons, and Tamar, the woman who links them together and who is forced by convention to marry one of her dead husband’s brother to ‘raise up [his] seed’. But Yehuda’s second son, Onan, refuses to marry her: he ‘spills his seed to the ground’ and so is killed by God. The youngest son is still a child, so Tamar, yearning for a child, must remain a widow until he comes of age.

Five life-size puppets, brought to life by two human doubles, play out this painful story, presented with restrain and sensitivity by Israel’s Etgar Theatre.

Eshet - credit Dan Chen



Okidok – Slips Inside video

We have found this video of Okidok performing extracts of their show Slips Inside on Belgian television. Hilarious guys! (Anyone can translate what the presenters are saying at the beginning? Please leave translations in the comments)

Slips Inside will be performed at Southbank Centre on Wednesday 20, Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 January. Come and laugh with us!