Circus Klezmer

Coming to Southbank Centre on 23 and 24 January.

The Lost Voice video

The Lost Voice, our beatboxing show, ends on Sunday. If you have kids aged 4 to 8, bring them down to help Whisper find her voice. Find out more about the show in the video below.


Into the Hoods

Five budding young critics mentored by Guardian dance critic Sanjoy Roy and Times dance critic Donald Hutera attended the press night of Into the Hoods for Play the Critic, an initiative of Mousetrap Theatre Projects, a theatre education charity that enables young people with limited resources or support to engage with the best of London’s theatre.

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Read the reviews and see what they thought of the show…

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What’s On Stage gives Into the Hoods 5 stars!

Last night’s performance of Into the Hoods recieves a five-star review from!

Into the Hoods is a fast, funny and hugely creative show from UK dance company ZooNation and director/choreographer Kate Prince. A year after its run at the Novello Theatre, it comes to Southbank Centre for a well-deserved Christmas run.

Into the Hoods is saturated with wit and parody. In a world of tired long-running musicals this is a fresh and exciting show that, especially if you didn’t catch it first time round, should not be missed.

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Interview with Kate Prince
We also interviewed Kate Prince who tells us about the history of Into the Hoods, bringing it to Southbank Centre and getting today’s youth into theatre and street dance.

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As Kate says, people from two to over eighty have seen and loved Into the Hoods. Don’t miss out on seeing it this Christmas… it is on for a strictly limited run! Buy your tickets now!

Collectif Petit Travers video

Collectif Petit Travers present their new show, Pan-Pot, as part of the London International Mime Festival, on 21 and 22 January at Southbank Centre. Don’t miss this amazing juggling concert! Here is a preview. Get tickets for Collectif Petit Travers today. interviews Kate Prince interviews Kate Prince, the choreographer and director of Into the Hoods (which opens in exactly a week!)

Below are some of our favourite questions or click here to read the entire interview.

You were the lead choreographer for the Beijing Olympics handover to London ceremony.  What was that like to work on?
Going to Beijing was an awesome and surreal experience. It was quite a pressured situation but ultimately very exciting and rewarding. Unfortunately I broke my foot in rehearsal whilst we were out there so it also had its down side.

Favourite film?
Father Goose – it’s an old Cary Grant and Leslie Caron movie, one of my mum’s favourites.

Are you going to do anything different with [Into the Hoods] at Queen Elizabeth Hall?
There have been a few updates and adjustments to the show for QEH but we’re going to keep them as surprises.

What’s comes after Southbank Centre’s run of Into the Hoods?
I am working on the first UK season of So You Think You Can Dance on the BBC, starting in January 2010. ZooNation are working on their new show Some Like It Hip Hop, an adaptation of Some Like It Hot. We hope to preview this next year.

Zoo Youth on Blue Peter

Watch Zoo Youth on Blue Peter! (link live until 3 January 2010)

Zoo Youth is ZooNation’s youth dance company – comprising some of the best young dancers from all across the UK. Check out their performance on Blue Peter.

There will also be chances to see members of Zoo Youth at Southbank Centre this  Christmas.  They appear in our street dance sensation Into the Hoods and also present their ZooSkool Christmas Show this Saturday. Come and check them out!

Ennio Marchetto: I dreamt of Marilyn Monroe

In this video, Ennio tells us about how it all began: when he dreamt of Marilyn Monroe one night.

Ennio as Susan Boyle and MJ

21 years and 250+ costumes later, he brings us new characters and old favourites in his special Christmas 2009 show here in the cozy Purcell Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

A perfect Christmas treat!

Book now – tickets are selling fast!

The Lost Voice

This Christmas Southbank Centre is proud to present a new production, The Lost Voice, a beatboxing show for kids aged 4 to 8.

‘A what?’ I hear you ask. Yes, you read well: a beatboxing show for kids. It’s pretty extraordinary what you can do with your voice and a bit of practice, from animal noises to sound effects and even, with a special machine, an entire song, so we thought we’d use that to create a new fun show.

The team behind The Lost Voice presented the show at Takeoff, a festival of theatre for younger audiences in Darlington, and these are pictures for this performance. (All images: copyright Idene Roozbayani

Whisper is a shy little girl who can’t speak. Here she looks in her Book of Everything for some information about where the voice comes from. Her friends Grace (left) and Bob (right) provide narration and sounds during the show.

Can the rooster help Whisper find her voice? He doesn’t seem to be in a very good mood.


Is her voice in this box?


All tickets for the show are ÂŁ7.50 and you can buy them on Southbank Centre’s website