Rip Fold Scrunch

Happy Easter to all at Alchemy!!!

Rip, Fold, Scrunch was my Easter treat yesterday morning in the Blue Room of the Southbank Centre. As part of the Alchemy this Half Moon production was a journey through a landscape of paper which evolved and changed through the playing of the performers. Though a show for children aged 2-5 I really enjoyed the twists and turns of Rip, Fold, Scrunch by Half Moon and wrote this little poem in response!

Enjoy the sunshine

Love ce


I have by charlotte emily

Have you ever just sat down with a piece of plain paper and made your world

inspected closely something seemingly plain to then see a welcoming face

watched a women with bells on her feet dance with a cello man

felt the rain fall from the skies of your umbrella

surfed the wind with a butterfly and kite

going higher, getting bigger

higher, getting bigger

higher, getting bigger

down down down, your giant paper shoes fall

to walk the ground once more

have you ever stopped for a moment, looked down

dug a little deeper

below the plain paper surface

only to find a rainbow beneath your feet